A group of women, implied to be witches, standing next to each other holding a book

About Us

We are a small group of witches based in Sydney Australia. Through teaching, providing resources, and offering our support, we hope to help guide you on your own path.

Between us, our ancestries include the Balkans, span across northern Germany/southern Denmark, to the Celtic region, and even with a significant presence in China. Our rich heritage means we have the privilege of experiencing various cultures personally and it means we understand and accept the deities which span them as well.




Our Core Beliefs

We believe in a holistic approach to all things is the best route and that education is the best method to support those joining this journey. Informing others to the best of our ability helps them make the right choices for themselves because it's more important to teach someone to fish than to give them a fish. But that doesn't mean we won't ever give out or sell fish as it's not one or the other — there's a synthesis between the two.

We also believe that knowledge shouldn't be locked behind a price tag and that intellectual property stifles innovation. If one would like to pay money for the convenience of having knowledge in a contained book or eBook format, that's fine. But the information should be accessible in another unpaid format somehow as well.

Take this as you will.

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